Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Meet me at Sunburst!"

So it's been awhile.... here's my update.

I didn't get my big-girl job... :(

I had an interview here in Lethbridge that was pretty useless. They didn't really ask any useful questions, but they scheduled an interview for me in Calgary anyway. I had to rent a car (from their company of course) and drive all the way to calgary for a 30 minute interview, just to get an email the next day that they "pursued other applicants". Now, I don't exactly have money to throw around these days, and the money I had to spend on a rental car and gas to get to Calgary could've been put to better use, so I'm pretty angry that they didn't just give me a good interview in Lethbridge so they would've known ahead of time that they didn't want to hire me.

So after a few tears of frustration, I thought about my backup plan to go back to school and how originally, I secretly didn't want the job so that I could go back to school. When I tried to make myself excited about school again, a little panic set in that I might not get accepted into my program. I had checked online earlier that morning to see if I had been accepted yet and there was still no update. So I prayed. I prayed that school would work out so that I wouldn't be left with no options. After that little prayer, I felt like I should check online again... and VOILA! I had been accepted into school. I have registered for classes, and while the thought of buying school supplies and doing homework again makes me a little nausious, I'm quite excited about the classes I'll be taking. I love learning.

I also thought about quitting my job at Top Pizza since I've been feeling more and more uncomfortable around some of the staff. There are a couple staff members in particular who don't seem to care about offending the people around them with their language, jokes, or habits. At first I thought I could be a good example for them, but there is only so much someone can put up with.... Luckily, these 2 staff members are leaving. One is moving to Calgary, and one got fired for stealing. Already, the atmosphere at work is a million times better. So I can keep my job and go to school, and hopefully I won't have to take out more student loans for next year.

K random story time. Today, this girl came in to apply for a job. I just have to wonder if she really ever thought she had a chance at being hired. Here's why:
#1) No resume. Kinda crucial...
#2) On her application under hobbies she put "hockey, rollerblading, and making out"
#3) For height and weight (yes... these applications are super old and should probably be updated) she put 135 kg and 185 m ....
#4) When asked if she had any children she said "no... but do pets count?"
#5) When asked what experience she has with computer programs or other operating systems she said "microsoft office, and phones". Wow. She can operate a phone.
#6) I don't think she spelled a single word correctly. No.. I'm not exaggerating.
#7) Her and her friends stayed to eat some pizza while she was filling out her resume, and they pulled out a laptop and decided to watch some episodes of the "Simpsons". When I asked her to turn it off because there are other people in the restaurant, they gave me attitude (and turned it up louder after I walked away).

Some people's kids.....

Shoot... I thought I was done with this blog but here's the rest.

This past weekend, my friends Brittany and Brandon got married! I was able to go to this one since they got married in Cardston. I bought a new outfit and looked pretty dang hot I must say! :) A few of my BYU-I friends who I haven't seen since December also came up for the wedding and it was SO GOOD to see them!! I spent most of my time with Josh and Kenny who were really the only other 2 single folks at the wedding. We had a blast together. They had quite the interesting road trip up. To make a long story short, they ran out of gas at the border and had to walk all over to find someone who would lend them a gas can. They found this drunk lady at a bar (who apparently looked like a cross between skeletor and a holocaust victim) who loaned them her gas can. She told them to meet her at a "church bar" in "Sunburst" on Saturday to return the gas can. Sounds like she has no idea what she's talking about right? WRONG! They actually found her in a city called "Sunburst" in Montana, at a church bar! They tell the story way better than I ever could...

Ok .. now I'm done.