Saturday, May 1, 2010

... and summer begins!

..ok so maybe not weather wise quite yet, but school is over for the summer and I'm VERY excited about it. I actually did WAAYY better in my classes than I thought I would. I was afraid I'd fail economics and have to take it again, but I pulled off a B-! I have no idea how that happened because I definitely had a C-/D+ going into the final.... I guess I'm a better guesser than I thought! I also got a B+'s in both accounting AND "managing responsibly in a global environment" and I got an A- in Organizational Behavior. So not too shabby at all considering I barely ever went to class.... oops!

2 of my roommates are moving out. Carle and Erin. It's a little weird, but I'm grateful that 2 of my best friends here are moving in!! Sarah and Taneil. I'll see them all summer anyway, so it makes sense that they may as well just live with me :) I'm excited!

I tried to ride a bike today for the first time in years and it did not end well. We were riding downtown, and we rode by my work place and I pointed "hey that's where I work!" and.... I fell off :( I scraped my chin, skinned my hand, and bruised up my knee pretty badly actually... It's super swollen.. I feel like I'm wearing a knee pad. It hurts and its huge and purple :( Plus everyone at work saw me fall, as well as a few random customers so I was super embarassed. At least I fell where I could go in and wash up I guess... And at least I have an excuse to buy new jeans since I ripped the ones I was wearing. What really sucks about it, is that there was this big social tonight at this local restaurant/bar and Megan came to Lethbridge to go to it. It was great to see her, but I couldn't stay very long because of my knee. It just kept throbbing and getting bigger and bigger. So I had to give up and go home to nurse my wounds :(

People are leaving for the summer. Luckily not too many of my friends are leaving, but Braden is leaving and I'm actually going to miss him a butt load. He and I have become pretty good friends and I'm really grateful for our friendship. We have a lot of fun together in class (which may be partly why I almost failed economics) and we laugh a LOT. Plus we have some pretty good serious conversations sometimes too. He's definitely one of my very favourite people. It's nice to have a platonic relationship with a guy like this. His advice has a completely different perspective which often helps a lot. I'm gonna miss him..

I hope to be able to go home for a visit this summer. I'm slightly poor... but we'll see. I need to convince someone at work to quit so I can have more hours. I just really miss my family and it's been almost a year since I've seen Faith and Rainer. Plus my niece is scheduled to arrive into the world in July, so I'd really like to meet her before Christmas! I can't wait to be her favourite aunt.... suck it Megan ;)

Ok... I'm feeling light headed and nauseous.. I think its time to elevate my leg and go to bed.