Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happiness is...

I figure when you go to update your facebook status, and it's about to be longer than a sentence, it's time for another blog post.

The new job is going pretty well! I've only worked 2 shifts and it's like I've been there for months. They never really "trained" me. In the past, I've spent up to 2 weeks just following someone around as "training" and this time, they threw me right into waitressing on the first day. This as been a blessing because I could really use the cash now, rather than waiting until they trust me to do what I've been doing for years on my own. The staff is.... well... not as classy as I'm used to, but they're nice and not at all intimidating! The boss is never there, the job is REALLY easy, and tonight I made $30/hr! which isn't bad considering it's this 50 yr old pizza place that nobody I talk to has ever heard of! I think I'm just a great waitress because the other waitresses complain that I always get the big tips. Just goes to show you how far a greeting and a smile can go!

On my way home from work, there were these 2 cute little families on the bus that knew each other. Each had a toddler and a newborn. It was so cute to watch. One of the toddlers looked JUST like my cousin Cameron which made me love him immediately. In fact, he kept pressing the "next stop" button which made the bus stop at every stop on the way home. Normally this would bug me, but the kid was just too cute for words and he kept smiling at me. Made my heart melt.

I felt like I was in a movie during that bus ride. I was listening to slower music which felt like a soundtrack to how I was feeling while watching those cute little families. Just made me appreciate that no matter how terrible the world can be, the good is always out there. As soon as I got off the bus, there was a big gust of wind that brought the amazing smell of lilacs with it. Brought a smile to my face :) Tender mercy.

I'm even starting to make a few good solid friends already which is nice! Luckily Linda is amazing so she attracts amazing people. Plus my roommates are quality. It's going well here! (I'm so glad I decided not to blog until I felt better about life!)

Ok I should stop. I've gotten into this terrible habit of staying up way to late and sleeping in way to late. Peace in the middle east!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ok... So I know that I haven't updated this blog in awhile. The main reason is because my life has been so up in the air lately, that I didn't want to post a long whiney blog about why nothing seems to ever go my way. Deep down I knew that things would start to work out and I wanted to wait until then so that I wouldn't seem so ...... annoying! So here goes:

I've been in Lethbridge for almost 3 weeks now. My roommates are all really easy going and nice to be around. It's been really great living with Linda who I've known since girls camp days! She's so fun and supportive. I sleep on an inflatable bed which is surprisingly comfortable and doesn't bother me at all! I don't have a dresser or a desk or even a door for my bedroom. The laundry room is my closet which means my roommates are constantly coming in and out of my room. But surprisingly, none of that bothers me! I really enjoy this house, these people, and I feel like I'm starting to make some friends.

I went camping in Waterton on the long weekend. It was really fun! On Saturday, Linda, Nolan, Logan and I went to Cardston first to do a session in the temple. It was great! Just what I needed. It had been awhile since I'd been to the temple so it was really good for me. Then we went to Waterton and enjoyed the weather. Did this little mini-hike and played by some water. We went and got some ice cream at this really tasty little place and basically just hung out with a big group of ppl who were also from Lethbridge. We went back that night and went to church in our own wards on Sunday. That evening, Linda, Maureen, and I went back to Waterton and met up with some other people and camped for the night. We met up with that same large group of people from Saturday and played Fugitive that night. I hadn't been camping in years. I remembered how much I hate sleeping on the ground! At least I was able to stay warm which is a miracle. It was nice to be able to go that weekend.

The job search should be a blog all on its own! I first went to Denny's since I've worked at a Denny's before. I even got hired on my 4th day here! However, as soon as I hung up the phone, I just felt sick to my stomach. I really didn't feel right about working there. I have no idea why... I loved Denny's before. This one wasn't right next door though, and the bosses were pretty intimidating. So I turned it down and kept looking.

About a week later, I was hired at this fancy pants bistro downtown. I was a little hesitant since at first he said he didn't need anybody else, but after talking to him for 10 minutes, he decided to hire me. It started out alright, even though the entire staff was pretty snobby... I worked 3 shifts and was told to call him the following week to get my schedule. When I did, he told me he didn't think the weekend would be very busy so he'd call me if anything came up. Surprise surprise... no phone call. Blessing in disguise really because I hated being there. I could feel my self esteem being sucked right out of me. I just don't have the personality for a "small food/big prices" kind of place. So I kept looking.

I found a few ads in the paper for places who were actually hiring. One was a catering company who needed servers and I thought that would be really fun. Another was the cheesecake cafe... and I love cheesecake! However, after many more resumes, still no phone calls. Meanwhile, I was quickly starting to run out of money. I checked the paper online again to see if there were any new ads, and I saw this one for a full time waitress at "Top Pizza and Spaghetti House". It's the oldest pizza place in Lethbridge and the second oldest restaurant in Lethbridge. And come on.... I KNOW pizza!

So I applied on Friday, and got a call on Tuesday for an interview on Wednesday. This place is so cute! Very laid back, and I guess they get lots of regular customers which I love. Word on the street, is they are often very busy as well, which means I could get plenty of hours. My interview went so well! We just chatted about how he has a new 7 week old baby boy (their first child) and how his wife is mormon but he believes in what he believes. He says he's worked for too many a-holes in his life, so he's not that guy. He says he doesn't expect this place to be my LIFE, but that it'll be my job so that I can have a life, which means he's good about giving time off when needed. He loves that I'll never call in sick hungover and that I've worked as a server, and in the kitchen before. So this all seems a little too good to be true! He said he'd call yesterday afternoon after all his interviews and he didn't...... so I got worried like I always do.. whined like I always do... freaked out like I always do... and went to bed feeling worthless. 27 (almost) year old with no job, no husband, no kids, and not a penny to my name.

Woke up this morning to a phone call and a job offer! The pay is rediculously good for waitressing. I get paid more than I got paid working in the kitchen at pizza hut, and I'll still get tips on top of that! It's not too far from where I live. I only have to take one bus to get there! It's open later than the last bus so I may have to take a cab more often than I'd like, but if I get plenty of hours, I should be able to afford a cheap car relatively soon-ish.

I feel like I was lead to this job. It's strange the steps I had to take to find it. Plus I feel like maybe I can be a good example to my boss and maybe help him open his eyes to the church. Now that he has a new baby son, maybe he'll be more open to the doctrine that the church has to offer. I would love to be able to help them become an eternal family.

Ok... that's all for now.. Hopefully I'll have more good stuff to post again sooner rather than later!