Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear October: I love you.

I love October. I love how it smells, how it looks, and how it sounds. I love crispy leaves, the smell of bonfires/fireplaces, thanksgiving (even though I don't get a turkey dinner this year....), the orange/yellow/red trees, and I even kinda like Halloween even though I rarely celebrate it! I love October.

Life is pretty grand these days. I have an amazing family, even though they are too far away :( Megan is close-ish, and she came down to visit a couple weekends ago and it was fantastic. We got to go to the temple together. She needs to visit more often. Oh.. and my niece Leah is perfect :) She loves me, and I love her. My trip home in August was awesome! I got to see so much family, even though I slept in 5 different beds over the space of a week and a half. I was ready to come back to Lethbridge at the time, but now I already can't wait to go back for Christmas, and possibly even New Years.

Lethbridge has connected me to some very amazing people. I still may not have the largest group of friends/acquaintances, but I have never had so many CLOSE life long friends (or dare I say, soul mates?) as I do right now. Taneil is amazing. I don't know what I'd do without her these days. She is my roommate, and lives in the basement with me. We make each other laugh in the oddest of ways, and I think that's why I love her so much. I can be me, she can be her. We even share milk! Braden is also fabulous. He is in Australia :( I miss him. He called me yesterday though. He says "I just called to say that I'm lying on the beach in the sun. I thought you would want to know." Jerk. We joke about how we bring out the worst in each other... but I think in reality it is quite the opposite. I can be me, and he can be him. Isn't that what true friendship is? I love feeling like I can be %100 myself without fear of being judged. Good people judge my flaws, and not-so-good people judge my strengths. My soul mates just love me. :) (Obviously my family is included in this "soul mate" category)

So.... if Taneil and Braden are my besties... what would be the funnest thing I could possibly do in January? Braden is in Australia... Taneil and I are not... So.....Taneil and I are GOING TO AUSTRALIA IN JANUARY!!! I can't believe there was a time where I was actually hesitant to go for it. I talked to a ton of people about it, and not a single person told me it was a bad idea. Everyone said to go for it. I might even get some co-op credit for it, since I'd be helping Braden with his business down there. I can't wait. Talk about adventure. I'll be able to add Australia to the list of places I've been to. (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Australia!) I've always wanted to go, so why not?

Yup. Life is grand.