Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Tis the season!

It's been a pretty fabulous last few months. Not sure why exactly, I've just been fairly happy which is always a good thing. Halloween was pretty fun. My costume was pretty boring, but I wanted to be able to dress up at work so I had to pick something pretty simple..

As you can see, my roommates (Linda a.k.a. Lady Gaga and Erin a.k.a. zombie?) put much more effort into their costumes. I was a cat. Meow. We all went to the ward Halloween Dance which was actually pretty great compared to previous dances... Plus I ran into my cousin Katherine who was down from Calgary with a few of her friends! It was nice to see her!

After Halloween came preference. This was my first preference I've actually been to! I was quite stressed about it actually. I had heard stories about girls having to ask multiple people until they find someone who hadn't been asked so I decided to be on the ball and snag my date a little early. It worked. He said yes. This is me and Braeden! (p.s. I dyed my hair...)

I think the best part of preference was the group I went with. There was a group of ten of us. We made dinner for the boys, and then wandered around a park downtown which was decorated with christmas lights and they were showing christmas movies outside and had free hot chocolate. It was quite lovely. It was at the park where I found the true love of my life....

That soldier swept me off my feet... but I had already promised Braeden a fabulous evening so I had to leave him at that park. The dance was quite spectacular all thanks to the musical stylings of DJ Lindy.. She did a fantastic job!

Work is going well. I got a raise! My boss pretty much loves me.. He gave me a week off for Christmas and gave me the extra shifts I asked for. I enjoy working there most of the time. (Shout out to my bestie/homie Matt!)

The semester is coming to and end! I'm doing fairly well. I think I'll do better once I start taking the marketing classes that actually interest me. Let's just say I never plan to be an accountant OR a statistician... barf.

SO excited to go home for Christmas :D I've always known that I loved Christmas, but I've come to realize how much I truly truly TRULY love Christmas and everything about it!! I'm very traditional and I love how Christmas is full of traditions! I can't wait to be at home for a week and stay in my pj's the whole time being a kid again with my siblings, eating nothing but homemade "nuts n' bolts" and caramel corn... with a turkey dinner thrown in there for good measure!