Monday, February 9, 2009

Here goes nothing..

SO..... I don't know how to make my blog look any more interesting than this.. so here it is.

I'm not very good at writing my thoughts or even what's going on in my life but I'll try.

Outsiders looking at my life probably think that I'm a "failure" so far... I don't have a big important career and I don't have children. Friends from high school are probably thinking "she was so smart.... what happened?" Well, I also sometimes wish I had a big career or children, or was at least doing something a little more worth while. However, I've actually realized that my life right now makes sense to me. I can see what I'm doing and why, and although I'm not where I want to be forever, I understand why I'm here right now. So I'm good.

I'm being trained. I work with the Primary kids at church and although it was NOT what I wanted to do, I'm loving it and learning every week. The Lord teaches me things every Sunday that I need to know for the future. I have a strong feeling that the life I've always wanted is not too far off in the distance. I can say that because I'm the one in my head and nobody else is.

I love waitressing. Is that bad? I hope not because I love it. I love working in restaurants. I love meeting new people and talking to them on a regular basis. I love it. I get stressed and complain about it, but I really do love it. Just because you don't need a degree to do it, doesn't mean it can't be a fulfilling "career". I have that "piece of paper" and maybe I'll actually use it sometime in my life, but for now I'm ok with it simply being in a frame on my wall.

Well I should go... I have a date with The Bachelor :)

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  1. To me, a job is what you use to make the rest of your life exactly how you want it. If the job makes you all the money you need and you like it, then who cares? Everyone has to admit that waiting tables makes really good money. And right now, you need money to make your dreams come true.