Monday, March 2, 2009

I wish I was more interesting

It's definitely about that time that I move away and find some adventures... The only things that happen to me that I find amusing probably would confuse most people!

Boston Pizza called today to offer me a job... great timing guys!

I've been stressing for the last month about having to give my notice to Santa Fe when I finally move back to Alberta... and the idea of stressing about it for another month is pretty much unbearable so I think I'm going to do it this week... I'll tell them that I've decided to move in with a friend to help her cover rent because her roommates left last minute. (It's kind of a lie..... but I really don't like making people angry... I figure that little lie will soften the blow) Also I'll say something along the lines of "I thought it was only fair to tell you now in case you want to hire someone new sooner rather than later" I'll offer to continue to work till I leave but we'll see if that's even what they want. I secretly hope they'll want me just to quit now... not sure why...

Oh, by the way...people don't like it when you throw handfuls of Doritos at them from a moving car. The End.


  1. Why don't you give the typical two weeks notice? There is nothing wrong with that.

  2. yeah.. the Doritos thing is kind of mean. You just don't like making people mad to their face.. but doing it from a moving car is A-OK!

  3. Do you remember 3D Doritos?? People don't like it when you smash those on their foreheads, either:) Glad I found your blog! You are far more interesting than you think!! You've got yourself a new blog stalker!