Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happiness is...

I figure when you go to update your facebook status, and it's about to be longer than a sentence, it's time for another blog post.

The new job is going pretty well! I've only worked 2 shifts and it's like I've been there for months. They never really "trained" me. In the past, I've spent up to 2 weeks just following someone around as "training" and this time, they threw me right into waitressing on the first day. This as been a blessing because I could really use the cash now, rather than waiting until they trust me to do what I've been doing for years on my own. The staff is.... well... not as classy as I'm used to, but they're nice and not at all intimidating! The boss is never there, the job is REALLY easy, and tonight I made $30/hr! which isn't bad considering it's this 50 yr old pizza place that nobody I talk to has ever heard of! I think I'm just a great waitress because the other waitresses complain that I always get the big tips. Just goes to show you how far a greeting and a smile can go!

On my way home from work, there were these 2 cute little families on the bus that knew each other. Each had a toddler and a newborn. It was so cute to watch. One of the toddlers looked JUST like my cousin Cameron which made me love him immediately. In fact, he kept pressing the "next stop" button which made the bus stop at every stop on the way home. Normally this would bug me, but the kid was just too cute for words and he kept smiling at me. Made my heart melt.

I felt like I was in a movie during that bus ride. I was listening to slower music which felt like a soundtrack to how I was feeling while watching those cute little families. Just made me appreciate that no matter how terrible the world can be, the good is always out there. As soon as I got off the bus, there was a big gust of wind that brought the amazing smell of lilacs with it. Brought a smile to my face :) Tender mercy.

I'm even starting to make a few good solid friends already which is nice! Luckily Linda is amazing so she attracts amazing people. Plus my roommates are quality. It's going well here! (I'm so glad I decided not to blog until I felt better about life!)

Ok I should stop. I've gotten into this terrible habit of staying up way to late and sleeping in way to late. Peace in the middle east!


  1. I love your story of the little boy! You know he's going to grow up and get away with so much with that charming little smile! Who could ever be angry at that?!?! Hahaha!

    So happy your happy!!

  2. I love that you recognize the little tender mercies that all too often go unnoticed. really looking forward to the weekend!

  3. and your former coworkers WERE classy? jk. loving the lilac story. so great!

  4. If they have a "food" day in a mall or whatever
    suggest he take some pizzas and hand out slices. Great advertising. Sort of like "Kitchen Nightmares" Get the word out on the street

  5. oh the pizza place is actually pretty well known, just not amongst my friends. In fact, there was a city wide pizza competition yesterday and we won "best all-meat pizza"

  6. some of my best private moments have happened on city buses....