Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life is Good!

It's been awhile... I think that's why it's been awhile.

Lethbridge has been good to me lately! I decided to go back to school at the University of Lethbridge and study Marketing. I'm actually *really* enjoying it! Accounting is pretty boring, but at least I think I'm getting it and I should do well.

I'm still working while I'm in school. My boss is super supportive of school and trying to build a better future so he's been working around my schedule. I'm actually enjoying the staff I work with also. They're all easy to work with and I'm getting along with them much better lately. The entire kitchen staff says I'm their favourite waitress BY FAR.. which of course makes me smile :)

There are lots of new people in the ward this fall which has been fun. There's a house of boys that lives just around the corner .. about a 3 minute walk away. It's been fun having them close by. Gives me something to do if I get too bored! One of them happened to be selling a queen size mattress set just in time for my air mattress bed to get a hole in it! It was perfect timing really. So now I have my very own big girl bed!

Linda and I went on a toilet adventure a few weeks ago! The toilet downstairs had been very touchy lately. It was constantly squealing and clogging every other day. So Linda and I set out to purchase a new toilet! We had no idea what we were doing, but we pretended that we did! Luckily our friend Braeden is a plumber so he told us what we needed to buy. He installed it for us. We have a new passion for toilets now! We notice other people's toilets and what brands they are! Does that make us losers? Perhaps... :)

I guess this update wasn't as long as I thought it'd be. I guess it could be more detailed, but that's that! Lethbridge is a great place for me right now!

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  1. Hey soeur! We missed you at the mission reunion, although we didn't stay that long ourselves...football game. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that Thomas has some cousins in Lethbridge... Patzers. Let us know if you end up running into Dustin. After all, you're both Canadian...maybe you'll meet buying dog food for your sleigh dogs with the wooden coins....