Monday, January 18, 2010

Things that made me smile this week. (Yes... I`m copying my sister)

- The Olympic torch in Lethbridge!
- The people who accompanied me to view the torch :)
- Angie Johnson and her drive-by valentine
- Not one, but TWO hugs after teaching in Relief Society. (I love when other people enjoy and learn from my lessons)
- Working my LAST SATURDAY NIGHT SHIFT!! WOOOOO!!!! (I`m a little excited about this..)
- Being called "Lou" (I secretly hope it sticks..)
- Seeing Lindy hold a puppy
- Re-remembering every day that I`m going to finally be an aunt :)

This is a picture of part of our Olympic-torch-viewing group. I know I could`ve been more patriotic, but I had just woken up from a nap when I was kidnapped to come to this event.... thus no time to plan a sweet outfit.


  1. Hooray for your week!!!!

    Worst part of my week: holding a puppy.

  2. I remember when the torch came through Provo... good times! I'm glad you got to be a part of that. And, I think it's AWESOME that you're teaching in Relief Society! You are a fantastic teacher... I always learned from your lessons :) Do you remember that time on the bus when your testimony totally made me cry?