Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Someday everything's gonna fall right into place.."

Random blog.

This weekend ALL my roommates went out of town. I discovered I hate being totally alone for too long... Not sure if I could ever live by myself unless I had friends/family close by to stop over all the time.

Making $100 in tips can take me RIGHT out of the worst mood ever!

I've fallen in love with the Paramore album and I listen to it all the time lately. Which is weird because I downloaded it ages ago and originally thought all the songs sounded the same. Not sure what I was thinking!

When Faith has babies, I'm moving back to Ontario. That should give me about a year or more to stick it out here which I'm ok with.. I'm excited to have that excuse to settle in Ontario :) If I'm going to be single for a long time, I may as well be around family, right?

I still crave pizza and rootbeer ALL THE TIME!

I had the best religious discussion today with a couple people from work. It's nice to be appreciated for my morals instead of feeling on display like some kind of freak show.

Ok it's bed time.


  1. Great Post!! I'll have to check out that Paramore album...nice on the $100 in tips!!

  2. what a great time to learn to love paramore. their latest album is getting old - they should have new stuff in the not too distant future.