Thursday, July 30, 2009

My possible ''big-girl-job''!


In my last post, I mentioned the plan to go back to school. Well, that is technically still in the works however there has been a slight change in plans. While I was at home, I was looking through different websites for jobs in Lethbridge, just because mine sucks at the moment. I'm basically working part time and it's barely paying the bills. I saw this job with Enterprise rent-a-car. It's the management trainee program. I really had no idea what it was, but I saw that the only experience required was a 4-yr degree in SOMEthing.. which I have. So I applied.

Much to my surprise, they called me! Last Monday I got a call and we talked for a bit about the opportunity and it seems awesome. The first year salary is pretty great, and they tell me that most people get promoted after a year or so, and then the salary goes up. There's vacation time, sick days, health and dental benefits, weekends off, etc. So I had a phone interview. Yesterday I got a call about a second interview for next week! So if all goes well and I get offered a job, then I'll take it!

The main reason I wanted to go back to school was to get a big-girl-job like this one, and now I might not have to go even further into student debt to get it! It's pretty exciting! I just hope I like the job if I get it. If not, well school is always an option but I'm pretty excited about this chance. I'll keep you all updated for sure!


  1. Fingers crossed. Just be yourself. That should be the clincher.

    Love Dad

  2. I agree with your dad, who wouldn't want to hire your amazing self!! Good luck anyways, though. I hope you get your "Big-girl job"!!

  3. HOORAY! Make sure to post as soon as you find out you got the job! Because let's face it, who could really beat you out for this job? That's right, there ain't nobody!


  4. congrats on being a grown-up! I'm wondering when we'll be out of this crazy student life! I do miss work sometimes... well, other than my 24-7 amazing mommy-job! Let us know! They'd be lucky to have you! (just so you know, Parker's licking his fingers and wiping them on the keyboard. yuck. consider it a toddler kiss for good luck??)