Tuesday, July 14, 2009

we were born for this

So I just got back to Lethbridge after a FABULOUS vacation at home :) Here are the highlights:

#1) Daniel came home from his mission!!!! It was SO good to see him and have the whole family together! There's just something special when the WHOLE family is all in the same place at the same time. Plus, he's the boy so without him, it's just a whole lot of female. It was nice to play with my siblings for a whole week. The best times were when we'd all get hyper and giggly and laugh about nothing!
"The eye says NO!"
"Is it as cute as when the cat does it?"
"Here comes David Copperfield, hopping down the bunny trail!"

#2) I spent about %75 of the vacation in my pyjamas playing games such as guitar hero, pictionary, and madgab. spectacular.

#3) I got to spend a day with Melisa in Pickering. We basically only drove the 3 hours to go to a specific chinese buffet restaurant. It was super tasty, and on the way back we stopped at this apple place with a giant fake apple outside. They also have these random goats/llamas that we got to feed. (side note - llamas are uuugly!)

#4) I had an epiphony (sp?). I'm going back to school to get a more useful degree. I've applied to University of Lethbridge to get a marketing degree. My roommates have informed me that since I already have a degree that as long as my generals transfer, it should only take me 2 years! My brother helped me decide on Marketing. He seems to think I'd really enjoy it and I think he's right! I mean, I'm so passionate about commercials... maybe I can finally get that job of being "the one" to decide which commercials can make it to air or not. I will change the world!

#5) I went to cancel my gym membership since it takes an hour and a half to get there on the bus here in Lethbridge, so making the bi-weekly payments were just a waste of money. I expected there to be a $99fee for cancelling early, but they WAIVED it for me :D That was a HUGE tender mercy since I'm pretty broke! Also, I got my gst cheque AND my visa moneyback reward too! So I was able to afford to get back home!

I think that's about it. Overall, it was a great week but it was definitely time to get back to work since I spent all my money :)

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  1. It was so good to have everyone at home. I feel like you've all made progress lately. Big decisions and the like. I wish we could have more times like that one! I think it's neat that you want to go back to school. Quite a different subject choice too! Congrats!