Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mouse in the house!

So I come home from wing night (which was fantastic by the way) and Taneil is all worried. She said she'd heard some funny noises and found a chocolate partially opened in the corner. She was concerned that we had a mouse. One thing I did not know about Taneil, is how absolutely terrified she is of mice. I would've never guessed since she has killed many a spider for me in the past. Anywhoos.. I figured it was just her imagination. There's no way we'd have a mouse in a second floor apartment, and I also assumed if there was a mouse, she would've seen it run away. So I shrugged it off and went to my room.

About a half hour later, I see movement from the corner of my eye, and there it was. A mouse. It ran out of my closet, and ran back in. I totally freaked out, partially because it startled me, but mostly because I was terrified to tell Taneil that her worst fear was coming true. I ran to her room to inform her, and the first words out of both of our mouths was "What boy do we call??" I called Jared AND Cody. I figured safety in numbers, right?

Jared was the first to arrive. I hadn't taken my eyes off my closet. I knew it was still in there. We instructed him to open the closet and flush the mouse out. I was armed with a garbage can. Jared says "Are you sure there's a mouse in there? Is this a trick and it's actually Kelly hiding in there?" He legit thought it was all a joke until the mouse showed himself and he freaked! It was quite humorous actually. Both he and I screamed! Then we got a good look at the little bugger, and both agreed he was actually quite adorable. That lasted for about 3 seconds until Cody showed up ready for action.

Unfortunately for all of us, the mouse was much faster than us. He darted out of my closet, past all three of us, and ran into Taneil's room. The boys ran in pursuit, Taneil and I shut them both in, and shoved a towel under the crack in her door. We stood there listening to the boys freak out, chase the mouse, lose the mouse, find the mouse etc. (Occasionally Jared would stop to say "aww.. he's actually really cute!") Then they lost him. We searched for around 15 minutes through Taneil's things to find the mouse. We were just about to lose hope when out he ran into the hallway and into the living room.

Stupid little bugger ran behind/in the couch. We eventually flushed him out and chased him to the hall closet. By this time, I had technically caught him twice with a laundry basket but he kept managing to squirm out of the holes and keep running. He ended up back in my room again where we chased him around for awhile. We thought we had him this time because I had covered the crack in MY door with another towel but he was much smarter than I gave him credit for. He managed to escape through the crack anyway, freaking Taneil out completely. He ran into the laundry room where we lost him for the final time.

I do not know where the mouse is. There are a couple holes in the floor/wall where different hoses/tubes are connected from the washer/dryer so we assume he disappeared through one of them. Taneil does NOT like mice. She couldn't stay here tonight knowing that the mouse could be still here. I just shut the door, shoved yet another towel under the crack in the door just in case, as well as one in my room. So here I sit, stranded in my own room.

Tomorrow I plan to buy a bunch of mouse traps and perhaps I will catch him one day. All I hope, is that we don't have a "mouse problem" and this was just a one time thing. I'm not sure how long it will take Taneil to recover from this... I hope soon she'll be able to sleep in her own room again... but to be honest, I'm not sure. To be fair, I was totally freaked out as well. My voice is sore from all the screaming. I think it was mostly the adventure that got me all riled up however. I've caught mice with buckets in the past. But this one was fast and unpredictable. I hope I never see it again... unless it's dead.


  1. You need Alice. She is amazing with mice. She knows how to play with them until they die. It's hilarious.

  2. I know! Taneil hates cats but she HATES HATES HATES mice so maybe I can convince her to let me get a kitty :)

  3. Stick a steel scrubber into the holes to plug them. They likely came in on the laundry room
    pipes. Ours came in via the kitchen drain pipes.
    If you go via the mouse traps, bait them with peanut butter - crunchy if you can. Makes it have to get closer to the trap to chew the nuts. If you load them up and catch nothing, reload and try again. It usually works.
    As far as this mouse, borrow a mallet or big ass hammer. Generally it is faster than the mouse. Just don't do it in the middle of the living room carpet. Tends to stain

    But you four probably scared the crap out of it. You used a laundry basket with holes??? Really?

  4. that was just to slow it down! we had a garbage can, but the mouse was just too fast and the garbage can wasn't big enough! Clearly I called the wrong boys to help....