Monday, March 14, 2011

The Old Gang

Grrrr... so FRUSTRATED!!! I wish I could fix people... but I can't.

Aside from that, I actually had a fabulous weekend. Danced it up on Friday, Denny's Saturday night, great Sunday! I finally got to meet with my new bishop for a chat. I got my temple recommend renewed! I should've done it ages ago... but I finally got it :) Feels way better than I thought it would! I will most likely get a calling at some point next month when the ward completely changes for the summer. I'm curious to see what I'll get.

I have some awesome friends right now. We call our little group "the family". We spend time together many times a week, and we even give input on who the others date. Haha... Cody has been getting the brunt of our opinions lately.. poor guy. We love him :)

I'm scared for Kelly to leave for BYUI :( Like... actually scared. I'm SO excited for her, and I hope she has an absolute blast and meets lots of fun people, and takes fun classes! But I'm scared to not have her around. She has done more for me in the last month than even she's aware of I think. She has talked me out of some really down days, kidnapped me when I needed it the most, and listens to my endless complaints about the same ol' situation day after day after day... even when I annoy mySELF! And we haven't even been friends for very long! I love her and I hope she doesn't forget about me when she's gone :(

The bish and I chatted about dating/marriage today. He said most people think that marriage just kind of falls on you. It's something that just sorta "happens". He said that's not true and that you have to make it happen. Go for it and make it happen. So I'm gonna do just that... the wheels are in motion...

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