Monday, May 2, 2011

Keep on dancing till the world ends.

There are some fabulous people in the world! And many of them are in my life directly :)

First of all, shout-out to Brett Burbank. Probably one of THE most fabulous people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He's one of those people that I felt an instant connection with when we first met. We were only friends for a couple weeks before he left for Australia for 8 months or so. We kept in touch while he was gone, and picked up right where we left off when he got back! Our friendship has only grown since then, by at least 100X. He listens when I talk, I listen when he talks. He's helped me sort out a lot of things that have been going through my head lately and I only hope I've been able to help him out a fraction as much as he's helped me. We took a little road trip down to Utah so he could visit some of his friends. I pretty much just tagged along as company :) The driving part especially was a blast. Rihanna parties (whips and chains excite me!), Britney Spears parties (It's Britney, bitch!), Ke$ha parties (piymp), etc. we had a good time. The trip back was slightly more.....adventurous. We decided it would be a grand idea to drive 13 hrs on absolutely no sleep. At one point we pulled over to sleep for an hour, but it did me no good as I had a buzz on from all the energy drinks we had already consumed. Neither of us could sleep while the other was driving in fear that they would fall asleep at the wheel. So we basically had to keep trading places every hour. It was a loooooong trip. But I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. I heart him :) Last weekend he came to Lethbridge and we went dancing! It was SO MUCH FUN!! Lets just say we both got our freaks on! We had a slumber party Saturday night and he sang to me as we fell asleep! hahahaha... Don't worry mom/dad... it's not the way it sounds. :) Well that was a bit more than just a shout out, but he deserves it. Now he is in Calgary for the summer working, and I am very sad about this :( I'll miss his guts.

Taneil is still the best roommate ever. She has a fabulous new boyfriend however, so I have to learn how to share. She's great about making time for me though. We both need our girl time so it's still fabulous. I still love our little apartment. I'm very very happy that she is so very very happy :) We have occasional "dates" with Jason Vorhees. We've been watching the entire Friday the 13th series and only have one left. I'm somewhat saddened by this. I'll miss those cheesy terrible movies....

I'm going back to school in the fall. I finally registered for classes and it made me slightly sick to my stomach. It's been fabulous taking the time off to work. I've actually been saving money and have been considering buying a car. I'm so over the bus. However I also enjoy having money sitting in my bank account. I also like the idea of being able to go to Calgary to visit my lovers there. So we'll see....

Work is work! My co-workers have seemed like more of a family lately than usual. Kirsten, Laura, and Aaron were both out Saturday night with me when I was out dancing with Brett. Mostly Kirsten. She's a blast in a glass. Luke is a new co-worker. He's great fun as well! We all went out a couple weeks ago. We stayed at this one pub for awhile playing ping pong and pool. Then we decided to hit up Average Joes (another sports pub) for some last minute karaoke! It might've been the funniest thing I've ever seen. The people I was with were slightly on the tipsy side, so we burst in, sang a couple hilarious songs, and left. I'm not sure if I've ever laughed so hard in my life.

On a more serious note, things have been happening in my life and in the lives of others close to me that have got me thinking and re-evaluating where I stand in a lot of issues. Nobody needs to worry... I'm still just fine. I still have strong beliefs where religion is concerned. However I've been forced to really think and research why I believe the way I do. I believe that after I finish with all this soul searching, I will come out the other side stronger than I was before. There have been many areas where I believed one way and knew why I did, and others where I may have been simply blindly following. Lately, however, I have been forced to find reasons as to why I believe what I do. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was never aware exactly how much I believed simply because I was told to, and how much I was doing simply out of fear of punishment. I'm working on that. Nobody needs to send any concerned messages or emails. I am fine, life is good, the Lord is my Saviour, and I am very grateful for where the gospel and the church has lead me thus far.

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  1. Be careful. Questioning things was the first step for Daniel towards inactivity. although he and Caysha come to church with us when they are down. I think Caysha is getting more relaxed with us.
    Its a start.

    Just be sure where your answers come from.
    If the answers seem to be too fast and easy......

    I'm glad things are going your way. Life seems to be getting "easier". You are finding out who wants to be a true friend. Although you always have had that ability. Be careful

    Love Dad