Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There's a baby in there you know..

(No.. I'm not pregnant.. the title is an inside joke.. as are most of my titles. Just thought I'd clarify!)

What a fabulous day I had Sunday! It was my annual summer staff party out at the boss' cabin! Every year on the long weekend in August, my boss has all the staff out to his cabin for sun, games, swimming, pig roast, campfire etc. The weather was PERFECT. This year was so much fun :) The water was clear and clean! Cold, but clean. SO refreshing.

We all took turns floating down the river which was SO much fun. Christian and I floated down together, and the first time was fun and uneventful. So the second time he thought it would be a grand idea to take his camera with him to take video. Unfortunately the water was slightly more aggressive that time! We flew right past where we were supposed to "dock", so he had to jump out to try and stop us. Sadly he forgot to hand me his camera first so in it went. Then he slipped and lost his shoe! It was hilarious and I think I was more upset about his camera than he was. He was ready to go again! I was slightly more traumatized. Let's just say that's why I'll NEVER go white water rafting. I'm a huge chicken when it comes to water.

Dinner was fantastic! Every year he roasts a whole pig. Leaves it smoking all day long. It was super tasty. Plus his wife makes a bunch of salads to go with it. I can't even handle how great it all was! He supplies all the food and beverages. He takes good care of his employees.

After dinner, there was a campfire. S'mores!! :) The campfire was definitely the highlight of my day. I love fires, I love how I smell after a fire. The conversations were great, and the company was even better :) Yes, many of my co-workers were more-than-slightly on the intoxicated side by this point in the day, but nobody got out of control or too annoying. And they were balanced out by the few of us that were sober. It was a good mix, and a great time. I love being outside!

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  1. So when you visit, we'll set up a pup tent in the back yard right?