Sunday, October 2, 2011

"I know it, and I know that God knows it, and I cannot deny it."

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This is why I am who I am, and why I do what I do. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. However, I strive to be better. I will not and cannot turn my back on the one thing that has been a solid constant support to me in my life: My belief in God.
"The gospel of Jesus Christ is not an obligation, it's a path way" - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Life is not easy. I am not always happy. Sometimes, stuff just plain sucks. But knowing that there is a purpose to all of this, and that one day I can enjoy that peace I crave with the family I love, helps me keep going when all I want to do is give up.

God is aware of me, and is taking care of me. He will guide me if I listen and have enough faith to follow His promptings. He will not lead me astray or let me do anything that will harm my future. He truly does want me to be happy. I may not always remember that, and I may turn my back at times, but that does not change the fact that He is there and that He exists.

I love my family. They are my strength when I am weak. It amazes me how unconditional their love for me is, even when I don't deserve it.


  1. unconditional love is what family does. it doesn't need to be earned or merited or deserved. it's just there. Respect, however does need to be earned and you have mine by the bucketful. you are an amazing daughter and truly a jewel in my crown.