Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Pizza!

So can I just say how much I am actually enjoying my job?? I know, right?!?

I was a little worried at first... the other employees are a little rough around the edges (to be polite) and they kinda take their smoke breaks in the back room... which I'm pretty sure is illegal.. I've only seen my boss once since my interview so the older staff kind of takes it upon themselves to run the place..

Besides all that, it's actually a great job. The pay is decent, the staff cracks me up, and they actually like me, which apparently is a big deal because they usually hate the new people and complain non stop about them. The delivery driver asked Colleen (the self-proclaimed boss) how I was doing and she didn't have anything bad to say about me. (I'm not lazy... that's pretty much all it takes I guess) Oh, and we were voted "best pizza in lethbridge" this year! Again! This place has been in Lethbridge for 41 years!

I've even started to get comfortable there, and come out of my shell. For those who know me well, know that when I get out of my shell ... I'm OUT of my SHELL! So I've already been called "sassy" a couple of times :)

I did, however, get "caressed" at work the other day. I was running around the corner and ran right into one of the kitchen guys. I guess he wanted to make double sure I wouldn't fall over because he kept his hands around my waist for what felt like a lifetime and slid them across my stomach as he walked away.... *awkward*

When I have to work late, the delivery driver drives me home. I give him 5 bucks which is still WAY cheaper than a cab would be. Often he has this girl with him who I guess is friends with most of the staff as well. They're both sweet people. I've been worried that I've been a burden to him lately, needing rides 2 or 3 times a week and his response was, "Are you kidding? By driving you home, I have an excuse not to hang out till all hours of the night with the rest of the staff watching them drink and do drugs. Ever since we've been driving you home, good things have been happening in our lives. It's awesome!" Isn't that great?? We have some great religious conversations during those drives too. The other day we even talked a bit about temple marriages. They're both fairly acquainted with the church. I have lots of hope for them :)

Ok I've procrastinated sleeping long enough. Here is a picture of my place of employment! (Because I'm sweet like that..)


  1. this is great. i love that story!

  2. Sarah, your posts always crack me up! It's like I can hear your voice in my head when I read it. I could totally hear you say, "awkward".

  3. Sarah, you should probably know that I'm blog-stalking you now. Like, as in, I wasn't before but now that I know your blog exists...well, you get it.
    I'm harmless, though. No worries.
    -Anna (Kilgore) Rawlins